The Black Pearl Oyster Company was born out of the love and appreciation of fresh Oysters harboured by the Company’s founders Tom and Finbarr Bennett. They first tasted Oysters on a family holiday in France as children and it is this magical first experience that the Black Pearl Oyster Company hopes to recreate for its clients and guests.

After spending a combined 20 years in the hospitality industry and sampling Oysters around the world the brothers realised some of the best Oysters available are grown here in British and Irish waters. Unfortunately the majority of these are exported to France and very few are enjoyed by the British public.

The Black Pearl Oyster Company is here to change that, and we will serve you up a selection of the best British Oysters our waters have to offer, through our network of sustainable suppliers, shucked and served to guests to create a new culinary experience and deliver a sense of theatre, excitement and opulence for client and guest alike.

Finbarr Bennett
Finbarr Bennett
Finbarr has over 10 years of experience working in restaurant and hotel management, He was trained at one of the leading hospitality schools in the world and has a passion for excellent service.He is experienced in planning, running and managing high end events and functions and he has an excellent knowledge of spirits, wines and cocktails.
Tom Bennett
Tom Bennett
Tom has spent the last 10 years working in professional kitchens as a chef in some of the top restaurants and hotel groups in the country. A love of great British produce and fresh seafood has led him to open the Black Pearl Oyster Company with his brother Finbarr.


The Black pearl Oyster Company’s strengths lie in the founders’ experience of the event and hospitality sector, their knowledge and understanding of Oysters, how to serve them and how to ensure that they are understood and enjoyed.

Finbarr Bennett has worked in the hospitality and event sector for some of the world’s leading hotel chains and specialises in event and front of house management. Tom Bennett has worked as a chef and event caterer for leading hotel chains and top restaurant kitchens around the UK.

The two brothers experience and also the knowledge they have gained from travelling to some of the worlds Oyster hot spots allows them to ensure that The Black Pearl Oyster Company can organise and execute an event from idea formulation to finished product or work seamlessly alongside other event and hospitality teams.