Today we took a trip from Manchester to visit one of our Oyster suppliers. At the Black Pearl Oyster company we work closely with all our suppliers and we try to visit them all as much as we can. It’s also an excuse to see the seaside and eat delicious fresh Oysters and they don’t get any fresher than straight from the sea!
We got into our trusty Black Pearl Oyster van at the crack of dawn in Manchester (5am!) still groggy and in need of some coffee to fuel us for the journey ahead. The thought of some delicious Oysters at the end of the drive spurred us on and, after a few wrong turns down Welsh country lanes, we arrived on time at 7.30am ready to meet Sean and the rest of the Menai Oyster team and head out onto the Oyster beds.
Fortunately it was a beautiful morning when we headed out onto the Menai Strait to work on the Oyster beds, and Sean shared some fascinating facts about his delicious Oysters as we were working. After working on the bags of Oysters stretched along the beach we moved down to the trailer where Sean was loading the fully grown (ready to eat!) Oysters into the back. It didn’t take long until we had our Oyster knives out and Sean was good enough to let us tuck in. We might have had to get up at 5am and drive down from Manchester but as we were eating Oysters fresh from the sea for our breakfast we knew it was all worth it!
Not long after this, in the true spirit of the British summer, the heavens opened and we sprinted across the beach and back to our trusty van! When we got back to Seans place we loaded up the van with a few crates of delicious Menai Oysters and started the drive back to Manchester.
As well as being a great excuse to visit Anglesey and enjoy some fresh Oysters, trips like this help us to make sure we are getting the best possible Oysters we can and after seeing the way Sean works and tasting his Oysters we can definitely be sure of that!
Thanks to Sean and his team for bringing us out with him on the beds! We’ll definitely be back again soon!